Different Types of Photo Shoots

Photo Studio Los AngelesOnce you’ve realized that your business needs professional photography services, you’ll want to narrow down your options to find the best type of photo shoot for you. Consider these 5 brand photography styles.

1. Product Photography
If you want to feature a product that’s for sale, a product photo shoot will present the item on a clean, white background. Your photographer’s photo studio will have everything needed to put the focus on your product and its details. You’ll be able to use the image on your website and social media; in advertisements; and at trade shows.

2. Product Environment Photography
Though this type of photo shoot highlights a specific product, it’s set up in a different way from a straight product shoot. Instead of using a stark white background, the product is placed in a complementary environment. For example, if you’re selling a coffeemaker it will be placed in a kitchen so that customers can see the product in its normal environment. These shoots can either be done in a staged photo studio or on location.

3. Product Usage Photography
Product usage photography is a spin-off from product environment photography. The product is placed in a familiar, complementary environment and it’s also shown in action. For example, with the coffeemaker from the example above the photographer would show the coffeemaker in the kitchen being used by a family or as coffee flows into a mug.

4. Lifestyle Photography
Lifestyle photography is used by businesses that want to feature a product, as well as brands that want to show the impact their services have on a customer. Everyday happenings or emotions are captured in an image or a series of images. Lifestyle photo shoots almost always involve people so that the audience can see how a brand will positively affect their life.

5. Recipe Photography
For brands that sell food or food-related items, you’ll want to work with a food photographer. This type of shoot will present the recipe or food product (cutlery or plates, for example) in the best, most appetizing way possible. Recipe and food photography can be done either in a photo studio or on location.

If you’re looking for Los Angeles photographers to handle your product, lifestyle or recipe photography, contact us today! Ask us about these and other types of business photography services to suit your needs.


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